Scrub Jay after a bath

You can see this jay’s wet feathers. He just flew over to the platform feeder from the birdbath. Now it’s time to have a snack.IMG_6351bayliss_scrub_jay_e_crop

Scrub Jay flying in and landing on the platform feeder

Catching a little blur shows some movement as the jay arrives at the feeder. Then he settles down.IMG_6233bayliss_scrub_jay_eIMG_6243bayliss_scrub_jay_e

Scrub Jay with cracked corn


Scrub Jay with peanut in orchid tree series 2

Here, you can see the Scrub Jay in the avocado tree at the top of the first photo, with the peanuts in the crook of the orchid tree. Then the Scrub Jay lands in the orchid tree and grabs the peanut from the crook; then the Scrub Jay has the peanut in his beak and is ready to fly off. Like a movie. IMG_1867bayliss_scrub_jay_peanut_orchid_tree_cropIMG_1898bayliss_scrub_jay_peanut_orchid_tree_e_cropIMG_1895bayliss_scrub_jay_peanut_orchid_tree_e_crop

Scrub Jay with peanut in orchid tree series

This was a fun experiment. I put the peanut in the crook of the stem of the tree, and the Scrub Jay came down and picked it out of that spot. The second photo taken one second after the first, and the third photo taken four seconds after the second one.



James Gray Gallery show 2008 with girls

IMG_4133james_gray_gallery_show_mathew_tekulsky_eThese girls are enjoying the birds at my James Gray Gallery show in 2008, as only girls do.

Scrub Jay in orchid tree

IMG_7424bayliss_garden_orchid_tree_scrub_jayIn September, I photographed the Scrub Jay in the orchid tree. This is one of those images.

Scrub Jay with almonds


Scrub Jay with donut hole