Scrub Jay looking for peanuts at birdbath

I played a little game that day.

Scrub Jay with Hooded Oriole nest tree in background

This is my old pole. I have a new one, but it won’t show the character of the old one. What to do?IMG_3172bayliss_scrub_jay_pole_e_raw_crop

A little tale

The story of the Scrub Jay and the book.

1. Oh boy, look at those peanuts. IMG_2649bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_jumping_e_crop2. Hey, wait a minute. Is that me up there on that book?IMG_2652bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_raw_crop3. But you’ve got an acorn in your beak. I have this peanut here. IMG_2699bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop4. Well, I guess it’s OK. IMG_2711bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop5. And away I go!IMG_2687bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop

Backyard Bird Photography and Scrub Jay

Well, I thought I’d try to get a shot of the Scrub Jay next to the book, and out of 135 shots, I got these three that are the best, and maybe a few others that are OK. Those are the odds. But this is a fun shoot. IMG_2676bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_crop IMG_2678bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_jumping_crop IMG_2661bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_flying_off_crop

Scrub Jay backstory

I was photographing the hummingbird and turned the camera on the jay. Had to change settings quickly. He doesn’t stick around. Photo looked too bright and I almost chucked it. Then tried working on it in Camera Raw and I saved the image. You have to check everything in this business.IMG_1331bayliss_scrub_jay_birdbath_e_raw_crop

Scrub Jay in the tree

What a habitat for this guy. He gets to hang out in the coast live oak, and then eat the acorns.IMG_9435bayliss_scrub_jay_coast_live_oak_e_raw_crop

Scrub Jay checks out the birdseed in the feeder

He tilts his head to get a better look at things.IMG_8457bayliss_scrub_jay

Portraits of the Scrub Jay

What a neat fellow.IMG_4566bayliss_scrub_jay_cropIMG_4590bayliss_scrub_jay_birdbath_crop


The Scrub Jay visits the birdbath

The pause that refreshes.IMG_4726bayliss_scrub_jay_birdbath_e_crop