Northern Mockingbird at nest

The mockingbirds are in the yard now. They watch me every day as they build the nest.IMG_0684bayliss_northern_mockingbird_at_nest_e_raw_crop

American Crows chase Red-tailed Hawk away

While photographing the orioles, I heard the crows screeching at the hawk, then watched them escort the hawk out of the area. Whew.IMG_3571bayliss_hooded_oriole_red_tailed_hawk_american_crows_e_raw_crop_nosie11 IMG_3572bayliss_hooded_oriole_red_tailed_hawk_american_crows_e_raw_crop_noise11 IMG_3573bayliss_hooded_oriole_red_tailed_hawk_american_crow_e_raw_crop_noise11

The California Quail hopped up with the peanuts

I had put them out for the Scrub Jays, and the quail got into the act. They didn’t eat the peanuts. IMG_1529bayliss_california_quail_birdbath_peanuts_crop

California Quail portrait

He just arrived and click.IMG_2289bayliss_california_quail_e_raw_crop

Band-tailed Pigeon flies off

He flew off and then launded in a nearby tree, along with a Mourning Dove. 

American Crow flies over the garden yesterday

He appeared out of nowhere and I had to act fast to catch him.IMG_3379bayliss_american_crow_flying_e_raw_noise_crop

American Crow chases Red-tailed Hawk today

Right above me late in the day, as I was photographing the Hooded Oriole, this spectacle appeared. The crow got really close to the hawk, then pulled away, cawing all the way. The hawk was screeching back at the crow. The hawk flew off over the canyon to the west, happy to be away from the crow. The crow returned to the east, back over my garden. IMG_3229bayliss_red_tailed_hawk_american_crow_flying_e_raw_crop IMG_3230bayliss_red_tailed_hawk_american_crow_flying_e_raw_crop

Common Raven through the palm tree

Took this the other day. Thought it was an American Crow at first, then checked with Kris Ohlenkamp and, as I suspected, it’s a raven. Note the wedge-shaped tail. IMG_1564bayliss_common_raven_flying_e_raw_crop

Yellow Warbler in the garden yesterday

He stopped by for a brief visit to the birdbath, then he was off. A rare appearance. IMG_1801bayliss_yellow_warbler_crop