Photographing the hummingbirds at the Mexican sage

A few poses in the “field,” i.e., my backyard.IMG_2808bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2809bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2815bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop

Mathew Tekulsky at the Mexican sage

Waiting for the hummingbirds. IMG_2429bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2430bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_cropIMG_2426bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw

The setup for the white backgrounds with the oriole

Here’s the bear’s breeches spire on the right, the oriole feeder to the left of me. So the white flowers are the background, taken from inside the house, the “blind” in my TV room.IMG_0590bayliss_garden_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_oriole_fest3_bears_breeches_spire_e_raw_cropAnd with the camera in the garden.IMG_0597bayliss_garden_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_oriole_fest3_e_raw_crop

Backyard Bird Photography with hummingbird and camera

First image: Hummer hovering above feeder; House Finch at birdbath. A nice scene. Second image: Book and cameraIMG_9651bayliss_clean_windows_oriole_fest3_bbp_allens_hummingbird_house_finch_birdb-ath_e_cropIMG_9662bayliss_clean_windows_oriole_fest3_bbp_crop1

Self-portrait with garden at right

I had the windows cleaned, so of course, I have to celebrate by documenting the results. I stand in this corner of the TV room, looking out at the garden to photograph the oriole and hummingbird. IMG_9234bayliss_clean_windows_mathew_tekulsky_reflection_e_raw

More variations on a theme

IMG_4425bayliss_mathew_tekulsky_backyard_bird_photography_e_blur_crop IMG_4402bayliss_mathew_tekulsky_backyard_bird_photography_e_crop_blur_8.5

Homage to Magritte with Backyard Bird Photography

Having a little fun with my book. Memories of art history class. IMG_4411bayliss_mathew_tekulsky_backyard_bird_photography_e_crop

Using the blind with a new oriole feeder

Last summer, I tried out a flatter style of feeder. The oriole went for it, as did the hummingbirds. IMG_4718bayliss_blind_camera_oriole_fest_new_mathew_tekulsky_e_raw_crop

Cover for Backyard Bird Photograph

My publisher just sent me the cover. The book will be going to press soon. Tekulsky-Backyard_Bird_Photography-P2