Black-chinned perching yesterday

He was only about ten feet away but he perched anyway. Lucky for me. IMG_3021bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_e_raw_crop_noise

Anna’s Hummingbird flying

He likes the oriole feeder. IMG_9224bayliss_annas_hummingbird_oriole_fest_e_crop

Flying Anna’s Hummingbird

Like an angel.IMG_8898bayliss_annas_hummingbird_oriole_fest_e_raw_crop_noise

Fuchsia attracts the hummingbird

My back fence door is the background in this shot. The one with the wings down shows more of the face in the light. IMG_4701bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_fuchsia_cropIMG_4705bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_fuchsia_crop

Different settings for hovering hummingbird

I go to a faster shutter speed to capture this image. IMG_2882bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_lavender_e_raw_crop

Two versions of the Black-chinned Hummingbird

I tried the vignette and the hummer was in the right place for it. Then I did the regular crop. Each one has its value. IMG_2964bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_lavender_e_raw_vignette IMG_2964bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_lavender_vignette_e_raw_crop

The Anna’s Hummingbird peeks out beneath the wings

Sometimes a different view of a bird is interesting. The wings create new compositions all the time. IMG_2770bayliss_annas_hummingbird_e_crop

Anna’s Hummingbird in a square crop

I’m getting into these square crops. It seems to highlight the subject more by placing it in the center. IMG_2291bayliss_annas_hummingbird_oriole_feeder_e_raw_crop

Setup for Hooded Orioles and hummingbirds

The Hooded Oriole nest tree is the palm tree in the background at right; the oriole feeder is at the left, and the camera is…well, you know where the camera is. Now where are the birds?IMG_7654bayliss_garden_oriole_feeder_camera_e_raw_crop