Photographing the hummingbirds at the Mexican sage

A few poses in the “field,” i.e., my backyard.IMG_2808bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2809bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2815bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop

Mexican sage setting for hummingbird photos

I thought I’d show you the are where I took the photographs, so you can see how I work. The purple Mexican sage is on the other side of the pool, with a hummingbird feeder at left; the camera is placed in front of the sage; and then I go to work. You can see my shadow in the pool in the vertical picture. IMG_3420bayliss_mexican_sage_hummingbird_feeder_e_crop IMG_3425bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2 IMG_3455bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_mathew_tekulsky_shadow_e_raw IMG_3472bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_e

Hummingbird on the downstroke

Often we show the wings up, but the wings have to come down too to keep the bird in flight. IMG_9030bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_de_raw_crop IMG_9088bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop

Anna’s Hummingbird with Mexican sage

Wow, the sage is blooming and the hummers are here.

IMG_9015bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop IMG_9012bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop IMG_9084bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_rawIMG_9026bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop

Anna’s Hummingbird

The bird struck a nice pose for me.IMG_2780bayliss_annas_hummingbird_oriole_fest3_e_raw_cropIMG_2796bayliss_annas_hummingbird_oriole_fest3_e_raw_crop

With my books at the camera

Here I am in the “blind” area of my TV room. The oriole feeder is off-camera to the left. I did a nice session today with the feeder and then focused in on the corner area and decided to use the books as props.IMG_9756bayliss_clean_windows_oriole_fest3_mathew_tekulsky_hgIMG_9744bayliss_clean_windows_oriole_fest3_mathew_tekulsky_bbp_e_raw_cropIMG_9772bayliss_clean_windows_oriole_fest3_mathew_tekulsky_bg_e_raw_crop

The Black-chinned Hummingbird arrives

I was expecting to see the Allen’s, and who flies into the frame but the first Black-chinned Hummingbird of the season. Quite a moment. IMG_1999bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_fest3_e_raw_crop_sharpen74_noise13 IMG_2001bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_fest3_e_crop_noise11

Allen’s Hummingbirds in my garden

My new book THE ART OF HUMMINGBIRD GARDENING will be published next spring. I just handed it in.
IMG_2607bayliss_allens_hummingbird_mexican_sage_e_raw_crop_noise11 IMG_3996bayliss_allens_hummingbird_e_raw_crop

Black-chinned Hummingbird at perch

He rarely perches on the feeder, but I caught him this time. IMG_3021bayliss_black_chinned_hummingbird_e_raw_crop_noise