Hooded Oriole and hummingbird feeder

Quite a rarity here and glad to get it. See the bird on the pole, then on the feeder. IMG_6857baayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_hummingbird_feeder_pole_e_raw_crop IMG_6859bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_hummingbird_feeder_e_raw_crop

Late summer Hooded Oriole 8/29/15

The end of August is always a nice time for the final views of the oriole for the summer. IMG_7958bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_orchid_tree_e_raw_cropIMG_7965bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_orchid_tree_e_raw_crop

Two Hooded Orioles 9/5/15

The bird at right is a juvenile and the one at left is an adult female. Taken in my garden in the Brentwood Hills of Los Angeles.IMG_8519bayliss_two_hooded_orioles_juvenile_females_fuchsia_e_raw_crop

Hooded Orioles still in garden

I took this one today, and there’s another one here too. This is an adult female. The male Hooded Oriole left August 29. This may be the latest they’ve been in the yard.IMG_8833bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_fest_e_raw_crop

Backlit Hooded Oriole. Wow.


Another portrait of the Hooded Oriole


Hooded Oriole juvenile male at bird of paradise

In my continuing study of the Hooded Oriole, the nectar-gathering behavior at this flower is noteworthy.IMG_4815bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_bird_of_paradise_e_raw_crop IMG_4818bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_bird_of_paradise_e_raw_crop

Juvenile male and female Hooded Oriole series

It starts with the male by himself; then the female shows up at left in second photo; they feed together in harmony; then the male few off and the female is left alone. They are sibling “teenagers.”IMG_4480bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_fest2_e_raw_cropIMG_4488bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_juvenile_female_fest2_e_raw_crop IMG_4489bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_juvenile_female_fest2_e_raw_crop IMG_4495bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_juvenile_female_fest2_bl_e_raw_crop IMG_4501bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_female_fest2_e_raw_crop

Adult male Hooded Oriole and juvenile male

Note the black on the chin of the juvenile male but he’s not really yellow yet. He’s a teenager. IMG_4511bayliss_hooded_oriole_fest3_e_raw_crop IMG_4522bayliss_hooded_oriole_juvenile_male_fest3_e_raw_crop