Painted Lady butterfly

While photographing the hummingbirds at the Mexican sage, this butterfly flew in for a moment or two on the palo verde tree. IMG_9068bayliss_mexican_sage_painted_lady_butterfly_palo_verde_tree_e_raw_crop IMG_9069bayliss_mexican_sage_painted_lady_butterfly_palo_verde_tree_e_raw_crop

Gulf Fritillary at Hastings Branch Library

The first photo here is a butterfly bush (Buddleia); and the next one I don’t know the flower, with the monarch on it. IMG_5952hastings_branch_library_butterfly_garden_pasadena_monarch_cropIMG_5933hastings_branch_library_butterfly_garden_pasadena_monarch_e_raw_crop

Verbena bonariensis (Purpletop vervain) below.  Thanks to William Porras for identifying the flower. The The Gulf Fritillary is on top of the plant in the second photo.


Photographing butterflies is a challenge

Yellow butterflies: Cloudless Sulphur; followed by an Orange-barred Sulphur; a Cloudless Sulphur; and then two Orange-barred Sulphurs. Thanks to Ronald Boender, founder of Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida, for helping me identify these butterflies.IMG_0591TEKULSKY SAMPLE 5IMG_4348TEKULSKY-SAMPLE-ID IMG_4619TEKULSKY-ID-2 IMG_7704TEKULSKY-SAMPLE-3 IMG_7828TEKULSKY SAMPLE 4