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Hooded Oriole flying to feeder

November 3, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hooded Oriole by admin

Using 1/3200 second, I was able to capture this sequence. IMG_7145bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop IMG_7146bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop IMG_7147bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop IMG_7148bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop IMG_7149bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop IMG_7150bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e_raw_crop

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At Sepulveda Basin with the camera

November 1, 2015 in Bird Photography, Mathew Tekulsky by admin

Staying in practice. IMG_3850sfvas_sepulveda_basin_mathew_tekulsky_e_crop

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High shutter speed to catch oriole flying off feeder

October 31, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hooded Oriole by admin

I used 1/4000 second here. IMG_7099bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_off_feeder_e_crop IMG_7100bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_off_feeder_e_crop

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Hooded Oriole flies in to feeder

October 30, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hooded Oriole by admin

What a great sequence, showing how the bird works his way over to the feeder.  IMG_7057bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7060bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_midair_e IMG_7065bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7070bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7073bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7074bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_midair_e IMG_7077bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_landed_e

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Sepulveda Basin field trip

October 26, 2015 in Other Birds, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve by admin

Song Sparrow; Mallard; Desert (Audubon’s) Cottontail rabbit
IMG_6952sepulveda_basin_wildlife_reserve_song_sparrow_e_raw_crop IMG_6980sepulveda_basin_wildlife_reserve_mallard_e_raw_crop IMG_6986sepulveda_basin_wildlife_reserve_desert_cottontail_audubons_rabbit_e_raw_crop

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California Towhee and milo plant

October 20, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography by admin

The California Towhee gets seeds from a plant that grew from a milo seed, I think. He tries to grab the seed but also by shaking the stem, the seeds fall to the ground and he eats them there.IMG_9119bayliss_garden_milo_plant_california_towhee_e_raw_crop IMG_9122bayliss_garden_milo_plant_california_towhee_e_raw_crop

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Mexican sage setting for hummingbird photos

October 16, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hummingbirds by admin

I thought I’d show you the are where I took the photographs, so you can see how I work. The purple Mexican sage is on the other side of the pool, with a hummingbird feeder at left; the camera is placed in front of the sage; and then I go to work. You can see my shadow in the pool in the vertical picture. IMG_3420bayliss_mexican_sage_hummingbird_feeder_e_crop IMG_3425bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2 IMG_3455bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_mathew_tekulsky_shadow_e_raw IMG_3472bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_e

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Mathew Tekulsky at the Mexican sage

October 15, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Mathew Tekulsky by admin

Waiting for the hummingbirds. IMG_2429bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2430bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_cropIMG_2426bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw

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Painted Lady butterfly

October 15, 2015 in Butterflies, Butterfly Gardening by admin

While photographing the hummingbirds at the Mexican sage, this butterfly flew in for a moment or two on the palo verde tree. IMG_9068bayliss_mexican_sage_painted_lady_butterfly_palo_verde_tree_e_raw_crop IMG_9069bayliss_mexican_sage_painted_lady_butterfly_palo_verde_tree_e_raw_crop