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Hooded Oriole flies in to feeder

October 30, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hooded Oriole by admin

What a great sequence, showing how the bird works his way over to the feeder.  IMG_7057bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7060bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_midair_e IMG_7065bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7070bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7073bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_e IMG_7074bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_midair_e IMG_7077bayliss_hooded_oriole_fliteline_flying_to_feeder_landed_e

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California Towhee and milo plant

October 20, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography by admin

The California Towhee gets seeds from a plant that grew from a milo seed, I think. He tries to grab the seed but also by shaking the stem, the seeds fall to the ground and he eats them there.IMG_9119bayliss_garden_milo_plant_california_towhee_e_raw_crop IMG_9122bayliss_garden_milo_plant_california_towhee_e_raw_crop

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Mexican sage setting for hummingbird photos

October 16, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hummingbirds by admin

I thought I’d show you the are where I took the photographs, so you can see how I work. The purple Mexican sage is on the other side of the pool, with a hummingbird feeder at left; the camera is placed in front of the sage; and then I go to work. You can see my shadow in the pool in the vertical picture. IMG_3420bayliss_mexican_sage_hummingbird_feeder_e_crop IMG_3425bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2 IMG_3455bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_mathew_tekulsky_shadow_e_raw IMG_3472bayliss_mexican_sage_camera_mark2_e

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Mathew Tekulsky at the Mexican sage

October 15, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Mathew Tekulsky by admin

Waiting for the hummingbirds. IMG_2429bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_crop IMG_2430bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw_cropIMG_2426bayliss_mexican_sage_mathew_tekulsky_camera_mark2_e_raw

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Hummingbird on the downstroke

October 15, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hummingbirds by admin

Often we show the wings up, but the wings have to come down too to keep the bird in flight. IMG_9030bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_de_raw_crop IMG_9088bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop

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Anna’s Hummingbird with Mexican sage

October 14, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Hummingbirds by admin

Wow, the sage is blooming and the hummers are here.

IMG_9015bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop IMG_9012bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop IMG_9084bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_rawIMG_9026bayliss_mexican_sage_annas_hummingbird_e_raw_crop

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The Visitor Center prints are put in a set of 5

October 9, 2015 in Allen's Hummingbird, Backyard Bird Photography, Gallery and Museum Exhibitions, Mathew Tekulsky by admin

Just in case a few of them sell, I wanted to have some extras. I got to The Icon, my printer, just as Luis Diaz was separating these images out into piles. Lucky I could get some shots of the process. IMG_2224icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_allens_female_23 IMG_2237icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_allens_17 IMG_2240icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_allens_16 IMG_2246icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_allens_14 IMG_2248icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_hooded_oriole_13 IMG_2272icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_scrub_jay_5_california_quail_6 IMG_2274icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_scrub_jay_5 IMG_2276icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_scrub_jay_4_scrub_jay_5 IMG_2279icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_scrub_jay_4 IMG_2282icon_visitor_center_prints_pickup_house_finch_3

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Red-breasted Nuthatch flies off in a blur; see lower right

October 3, 2015 in Backyard Bird Photography, Other Birds by admin

I usually don’t post blurry photos, but this extremely rare appearance of the Red-breasted Nuthatch this afternoon 10/2/15 qualifies as a necessary ID shot.IMG_2342bayliss_red_breasted_nuthatch_orchid_tree_e_raw_crop

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Hooded Oriole long shots flying off feeder

September 22, 2015 in Allen's Hummingbird, Backyard Bird Photography, Hooded Oriole by admin

In the first shot, note the Allen’s Hummingbird at upper right waiting his turn at the feeder, which is a neat one; then the oriole finishes and flies off. I popped up the shutter speed to catch the action. IMG_7618bayliss_hooded_oriole_fest_drinking_allens_hummmingbird_e_raw_crop_noise11 IMG_7619bayliss_hooded_oriole_fest_flying_off_e_raw IMG_7620bayliss_hooded_oriole_fest_flying_off_e_raw