Rare image of the Scrub Jay drinking at the oriole feeder

I saw this today and was lucky to capture the image. Rarely if ever have I seen this. Let’s see if he keeps coming back to the sugar water at the feeder.

Brown-headed Cowbirds in the Brentwood Hills

They made a rare appearance down the street from me on 5/1/17.

Moon rising over the Getty

Anise Swallowtail butterfly in the garden

You get butterflies in your garden as well as birds.

Hooded Oriole first of season 3/15/17

Female Hooded Oriole, first of season

She’s back at the feeder. The male Hooded Oriole arrived on March 14, and she’s here on March 21.

Hooded Oriole First of Season 3/15/17 Brentwood Hills, LA

He arrived last night, and this morning he’s at the feeder. Great fellow. And he flies off from the feeder.

Santa Monica Mountains Visitor Center show

Here I am with Park Ranger Sheila Braden at the show called “The Art of Backyard Bird Photography,” running from July 2 through July 30, 2016.  IMG_0392visitor_center_7_7_16_mathew_tekulsky_sheila_braden_e_raw_crop

Some signed prints for the Santa Monica Mountains Visitor Center show

Nice to have this exhibition, for July 2016. A view of some signed prints on my dining room table. IMG_0133bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw IMG_0138bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw IMG_0147bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw IMG_0152bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw IMG_0154bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw IMG_0148bayliss_visitor_center_signed_prints_e_raw