A little tale

November 10, 2014 in Backyard Bird Photography, Publications, Scrub Jay by admin

The story of the Scrub Jay and the book.

1. Oh boy, look at those peanuts. IMG_2649bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_jumping_e_crop2. Hey, wait a minute. Is that me up there on that book?IMG_2652bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_raw_crop3. But you’ve got an acorn in your beak. I have this peanut here. IMG_2699bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop4. Well, I guess it’s OK. IMG_2711bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop5. And away I go!IMG_2687bayliss_garden_backyard_-bird_photography_peanuts_scrub_jay_e_crop